PT Sweet IndoLampung runs a sugarcane plantation

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There are a number of sugar producers in Indonesia, but Sugar Group Companies is one of the leading manufacturers. This is a collection of companies that work as one entity and consists of horizontally and vertically integrated businesses. The integration of these businesses means that they are able to maximize their productive capacity and improve the company as a whole.

Sugar Group Companies is involved in the managing of upstream sugar cane plantations. It is also repsonsible for midstream sugar mills and downstream product distribution to Indonesian consumer markets for sugar products. The plantations and factories run by Sugar Group Companies can be found in Lampung Province. But there are more than ten offices all over Indonesia. These offices help to facilitate the distribution of their refined sugar products.

“Gulaku” is the name of the leading product created by Sugar Group Companies. This product is a household name in Indonesia. Sugar Group Companies is actually made up of many subsidiaries. This includes PT Indolampung Perkasa, PT Gula Putih Mataram, and PT Sweet Indolampung. PT Sweet IndoLampung runs a sugarcane plantation and a sugar mill factory too—both of which are part of the Sugar Group Company operation.

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